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Inventory and Production Control Software for Manufacturers and Job Shops

You don’t have to take our word for it, just download our MRP software now, and start using it free of charge.

The Stand-Alone MRP Solution

Yes, you can start working with our MRP software without paying a penny up front!  You will be able to enter up to 100 Resource Record Cards (think of them as Stock Record Cards for now), you can learn to use the software easily and quickly, with help tabs containing the User Guide on every screen, and our free 24/7 Help Desk when you need a bit more.

You can even run real production jobs straight away, until you are satisfied that the software is just what you need.

No salesman will bother you, we promise, and when you are ready you can buy your licences for your single-user or network system.

Stock Control takes care of basic requirement, the MRP oif JiT.

Does it order inventory JiT?

You tell the system which days and hours you work, and it shedules per pro.

Does it take account of weekends?

Yes, you tell the MRP system when the job is due, and it sets logical start and finish dates.

Setting up your production jobs

Working for you, saving your time.

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