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Firstly, download the Server version of Merlin MRP Factory

from this website using the Downloads link above.

You can then use the software FREE of CHARGE for educational and evaluation purposes.  You can use the software fully, without restriction other than you will not be able to enter more than 50 Resource Record Cards.  For the moment, think of these as Stock Record Cards, though they aren't limited to physical stock.

Once you decide you are ready to go live, you simply purchase your Merlin MRP Software Key(s) as required from our online shop, or use our Contact Us page to request a quote for your system, or request an invoice for BACS payment.

You can safely ignore any any warnings when installing the software, and please feel free to contact us to establish that we are genuine UK software developers.

Powerful MRP Software Working for You.

Creates subassembly jobsCreates materials P/OsSchedules JiT DeliveriesSchedules production jobsSchedules subassembly jobsSign-off completed assembliesDespatch to Customer

How to Get Started with Merlin MRP Software

and Upgrade for Commercial Use