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Price List

We've set about making it as easy and painless as possible to get started with
Merlin MRP Factory 8, and the first step is FREE!

Just download and install the Server software and you are up and running.  With the aid of the Easy Learning interface you should very soon be running your first production job through the system.

As and when you are ready, you can upgrade your licence as per the price list below.


Educational & Learning

Merlin MRP Factory 9 Educational & Learning     FREE!

Server software only. Restricted to 50 Resource Record Cards and 1 concurrent user.
Simply download, install and run!  For installation on a single machine.


Business Licence Upgrade

Merlin MRP Factory 9 Server     1750

As above, but with the Resource Record Card restriction unlocked by Merlin Key purchase and licensed for commercial use.


Enterprise Licence Upgrade

Merlin MRP Factory 9 Network Upgrade      1750

Provides 2 additional WorkStation licences, providing access to an infinite number of users (3 concurrent) to the system on three networked PCs.  Thereafter, you can purchase addition network WorkStations as below.

Additional Concurrent Licences

Merlin MRP Factory 9  Additional Network WorkStation     250

Adds additional PC and concurrent user to your Merlin MRP System.

Merlin Corporate






Merlin MRP Factory 9 Corporate     9000

A full corporate solution is offered for Merlin MRP Factory which comprises the following:-

  • A turnkey solution with the system handed over licensed, ready configured, up-and-running.

  • Site Licence - unlimited concurrent users.

  • Installed on your premises by Merlin personnel.

  • Full on-site staff training.

  • Existing data imported.

  • We stay with you for 2 days, and leave you up-and-running.

  • Can be upgraded from any of the above licences by deducting the cost of those from the Corporate Licence price.



Support & Maintenance

Choose between Merlin Bronze, Enterprise Plus, or Corporate Plus

Merlin Bronze

  • Free program updates as they are released on this website.

  • Merlin HelpDesk support available on this website.

FREE OF CHARGE to all users (including those still evaluating).


Merlin Enterprise Plus


All of the above, PLUS:-

  • Telephone support 24/7/52 (We may have to call you back at certain times).

  • Data Recovery Service (if possible), in the event that a PC crash or electricity supply disturbance corrupt your data, and you don't want to revert to the last backup.

  • Bespoke system enhancement or development according to your requirements.

  • Remote Assistance


1200 p/a for Server, plus 125 p/a per installed WorkStation.


Merlin Corporate Plus


As above, unlimited Site Licence