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Merlin MRP Factory 8 is the perfect stand alone MRP system for any manufacturing plant or job shop unit.

Whether you are involved in small to medium prototyping, contract manufacturing, or are a subsidiary unit in a larger enterprise, Merlin MRP Factory is a powerful, versatile and very fast data processing system to control your production, subassembly scheduling and JiT materials purchasing.

You can mix and match between Stock Control, to ensure you never run out of cheap essential parts, e.g. nuts & bolts, whilst using the MRP systems to purchase more expensive, rarely used, or specialist materials and items on a Just in Time basis.

Never run out of inexpensive essentials, whilst keeping your inventory as low and possible with the mean and lean purchase control options!

Powerful MRP Software Working for You.

Creates subassembly jobsCreates materials P/OsSchedules JiT DeliveriesSchedules production jobsSchedules subassembly jobsSign-off completed assembliesDespatch to Customer

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